Age Of Kali demo 2006 7″

1 Sep

Early 2004 to mid 2007 were my wilderness years from any new UK Hardcore. New hardcore from any country to to be honest. Through various circumstances my finger was way off the pulse. I was still listening to what hardcore I already had, but I was balls deep in straight up metal, doom and sludge bands. A bit of desert jam stoner stuff. And Led Zeppelin. I went nuts for the Zep for a while. New releases by a handful of hardcore bands that I already knew of I kept up with but new stuff from this time? Totally in the dark. Such as this, Age Of Kali.


Straight Edge Krishna-core by way of Margate, UK. Like so many UKHC bands, these were blink and you’ll miss it. Featuring members of On Thin Ice & The Break In among others. This is the pre-order package that was put together. As I mentioned at the start of this post, I had no idea this was happening at the time, but Ebay has allowed me to make it look like I did. Put out on Rat Patrol Records, the pre-order had a special cover, a straight edge Ugly Kid Joe rip.


Hand numbered on the back out of 100, I got 67.


Pressed on clear, limited to 100. Curious cat-core labels.


Musically, this doesn’t push any boundaries (the sleeve notes admit to it being “ripped off”) but it was all put together in one night (the were vocals added later) so it’s got a rugged, zero budget production and serves as a decent homage to a particular hardcore sound. And it’s got a REALLY pissed off final track about people breaking edge.


Soon after this demo, vocalist Nate headed North to scream and shout for some band called Rot In Hell.

Algernon Cadwallader – Parrot Flies

29 Aug

There’s a couple of amazing things to do with this record. One is the LP itself. Two is the fact that it turned up. Everyone’s favourite Kinsella-alikes Algernon Cadwallader’s new album Parrot Flies is hands down wonderful. Noodly, twinkly 90’s style emo at it’s beautiful best, it puts me in an instant good mood and is the soundtrack to every sunny day I’ll ever have. Gay enough for you? Good.


Brilliant arts & crafts front cover of a parrot, put together by vocalist Peter Helmis.


Pressed on a transparent blue, 200 of these made. This LP was leaked on the Internet (allegedly by the band) forever ago and i’ve played it a load, so it was good to be able to buy it on a pretty cool colour and limited run. I’m sure if you know where to look, the guilt free mp3’s are still out there.


This was put out for us Europeans on a UK label, Big Scary Monsters. Bad experiences with this label in the past caused me to hate myself for ordering this from them when the pre-order went up, but they had me by the balls. So to speak. But lo and behold, it turned up ahead of when I expected it, and without a single complaint required. And without a bent sleeve, like the last record they sent me. Like I said, amazing.

All Pigs Must Die – God Is War 12″

26 Aug

To say All Pigs Must Die are angry is like saying The Empire State Building is a bit tall. Featuring Ben Koller (the drummer from Converge) on drums and Kevin Baker (vocalist from The Hope Conspiracy on … er, vocals) it’s super loud, huge riffed hardcore. Kurt Ballou produces, presumably inbetween producing every other hardcore album and it sounds amazing just like everything else recorded at God City. Their first EP was self released on their own Non-Believer label and it seemed to get positive reviews from just about everywhere. So for this second release, their first LP, they’ve jumped up to Southern Lord Records.

Artwork is by the always amazing Florian Bertmer and features the severed head of Jesus in front of an inverted cross. xDiscipleX this aint.


It’s presented in a thick gatefold jacket with more artwork and lyrics on the inside. Lovely thick cardboard.


Pressed on 180 gram clear, limited to 500.


 Everything about this release screams quality. The artwork, the 180 gram record, the weight of the packaging, the musicianship and the production. An awesome addition to the collection. Southern Lord dispacthed this pretty quickly too, which was cool seeing as some pre-orders seem to drag on forever. All good.

End Reign 7″

22 Aug

The latest offering from the increasingly prolific and excellent Hemlock 13 , End Reign play heavy metallic hardcore and come from Durham in the North of England. Here in England everything is made from the colour grey, and its always raining. The wall of sound that ER have created on this 7″ is a perfect musical accompaniment. Sounding a bit like Cursed on their ‘Two’ LP mixed with Trap Them on their ‘Filth Rations’ EP. I feel like the older I get, the more miserable and vicious I want my hardcore to get. This does both perfectly. If I was you reading that, i’d want a direct link to the H13 store so I could buy it. Ok then –

This was pressed on two colours, a black/blue mix out of 200 and green out of 300. 



This was actually a split release from H13, Witch Hunter Records, Holy Roar and FITA Records. That’s a lot of record labels for one 7″, but totally understandable for the costs involved in pressing a record. And this release, for a debut solo 7″ from a new, young UKHC act looks incredible. I think its pretty cool how 4 labels have thrown in together to get a new band a quality release like this out. All artwork by the always brilliant Give Up.


A screenprinted cover was made up for people who got in and ordered it early. And seeing as i pre-ordered this about 8 seconds after it went up, i got one.

A load of stickers, patches and a hand written thanks from Nate were in there too.

Worth mentioning here that the next release from Hemlock has just gone up on the site, the Unholy Majesty demo, which from what I’ve listened to is going to be pretty special. Dark, metallic Holy Terror influenced hardcore played by a bunch of veterans from South UK. Only 70 of them made, don’t sleep on that one.

Nomos – Notes From The Acheron 12″ and Demo 7″

20 Aug

I Got into Nomos after a mate sent me mp3’s of their demo 7″. God bless the Internet. I loved it but for some reason never thought to actually look into what else they’d got going on. They hail from Brooklyn, NY and play a kind of Infest influenced, fast, no bullshit hardcore, with a scuzzy punk influence in there too. Dark lyrics & rugged production, its good stuff. I was browsing for something else when I came across this 12″ – Notes From The Acheron.


Pressed on purple wax, limited to 100 and with an etched B-side. I was powerless. Released on Deranged Records. The B-side is etched with a portion of the artwork.


Big ass fold out poster with the lyrics on the back. 


All artwork is by a dude called Vinnie Smith and it’s trippy. I checked out his website, he’s got some pretty cool stuff on there. Similar pieces to this Nomos art and photography of American counter-culture. And so in the name of completion, I also grabbed the aforementioned demo from the same store. Also on Deranged Records, on black out of 900. 


The place I got this from still has some of the 12″ in stock. I wouldn’t imagine it’s many seeing as they were only out of 100 so get in there, you won’t be disappointed. And it’s UK shipping for all you local readers, so it won’t cost an arm and a leg to get it posted.

Gehenna – The War Of The Sons Of Light And The Suns Of Darkness. And the split with Blind To Faith.

15 Aug

When is buying records more enjoyable than usual? When you’re not paying for them…
These two were bought by way of a Deathwish voucher, given to me from my brother for my birthday a few weeks ago. Deathwish themselves had nothing that tickled my fancy so I tapped up their brilliant distro for two Gehenna releases on A389 Records.


The infamous Gehenna. Dark & chaotic hardcore, often associated with the Holy Terror thing as their views and lyrics go hand in hand with it. Their War Of The Sons Of Light and The Suns Of Darkness LP is a collection of early cassette, split 7″ and unreleased tracks all from around 94-95. All out of print since forever and kindly reissued by A389 on grey/red haze vinyl. More of a red with grey explosion, but still looks good. Limited to 200. 



I’m into the Medieval satanic end-times artwork. Suits it all perfectly. Gehenna had a reputation for intense and violent live shows, rumours of stabbings and all sorts. A lot of it is probably well constructed mystique, but vocalist Mike Apocalypse (or Mike Cheese or a bunch of other names) certainly gives zero fucks in interviews.


Definatley a party i wouldn’t want to go to. All the demons is one thing, but being force fed frogs? I’m out. No matter how well it may enlighten the path to wherever. This LP is raw and nasty and totally brilliant. And so with the rest of my Deathwish Dollars, i snapped up the Gehenna /  Blind To Faith split.


This came out last year. Now im no scaredy little girl, but the Gehenna tracks are terrifying. Raw production, oddly placed psychedelic lead guitar drenched in reverb. Its pretty amazing.
Great artwork too by Szymon Siech. Blind To Faith on the B-side feature members of Rise & Fall and play a stripped back, pretty dark metal punk hybrid. They’ve got a full length out on Holy Terror Records which i’ve heard and is brilliant. Something else for the shopping list. This split pressed on a grey marble. I have no clue about pressing amounts but i’d imagine its somewhere in the hundreds.

Touch Amore – Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me – Deluxe Edition

12 Aug

Briefly jumping forwards through my backlog to post about this one for a couple of reasons.
Reason one is the fact that this has taken forever to arrive. Pre-orders for this went up on Deathwish’s Estore without much warning at the start of May and such was the rush of people to buy it, Deathwish broke. The site went down for around 2 days in total before fully coming back on line. During this time judging from forums and DW’s tumblr and twitter feeds there were a lot of people flipping out desperate to know if their order had gone through and wether they had sold out or not. Confusion and chaos in this tiny corner of the interweb in full effect. Anyway, store went live eventually, and I snagged the Deluxe Edition (naturally) of Touche Amore’s Deathwish debut – Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me. 1000 of these made, never to be available again. Encased in a 28 page 12″ LP sized hardcover book and on 180 gram black. And then I waited.

And waited.

And wai.. yeah you get the point. Many a delay stopped this from shipping out and from Jake and Tre’s regular updates it had something to do with the huge ass book the record comes in. Months went by, to the point where I wasn’t even sure if I was bothered about it anymore. I was seeing pictures online of other people’s standard editions in a variation of pretty colours and began to wonder if the extra cash for the Deluxe, the chaos of the order process and the long wait was going to be worth it?
In short, yes.  So reason two that this jumps the queue  – it’s fucking gorgeous.



Deathwish & Touche Amore have really outdone themselves with this one.


The 180 gram record comes inside a sleeve inside that hand written lyric sheet. While we’re on the subject of how nice this is, you should head over to this great post by my man Gav Weir. He drops all kinds of science about paper weight and stuff.

And it’s got a really fucking cool label.


I’d be into it if all Deathwish releases had this label, a bit like how A389’s are all the same. So, in the words of the Partridge Family, how long is too long? Well when it comes to the finished product being this brilliant, it’s pretty irrelevant.