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Vegas – Never To Wake 12″

24 Sep

Its only been about ten minutes since I posted about some Holy Terror. Time for some more right? Vegas’s ‘Never To Wake’ 12″. This was a one time only pressing of 300, released on Hellfish.



One of the core Holy Terror bands, Vegas (or sometimes VVegas) play a sinister take on the Integ-inspired metal/hardcore crossover but with occasional atmospheric, ghostly acoustic sections. Backwards guitar, whispered & hoarse spoken vocals, clean guitar picking over faint walls of noise and distant metal solos. Its Holy Terror folk. They compliment the chaos of the other tracks perfectly, and if you dig that stuff at all, Vegas are for you.

Never To Wake is kind of a Vegas discography with the tracks from the ‘Never’ and ‘Wake’ albums (see what they did with the title?) almost all here. Although the ‘Never’ CD was a re-release of the ‘Wake’ CD anyway. Theres a few differences on this vinyl pressing though. The tracks from those two CD’s are rearranged into a different order and the titles translated into German.


Given that the tracklisting between the Never and Wake CD’s was also different (tracks seemingly titled wrong, but who’s to say which one is correct?) I genuinely have no idea anymore what some of these songs are called. Mis-information and mystery are staples of the Holy Terror thing though so I’m into it. That sort of thing would normally slowly drive me insane. There’s extra tracks too, a creepy (and totally brilliant) Depeche Mode (!) cover and a few tracks recorded live from a show in Japan. These sound incredible, raw and nasty as hell.

This vinyl edition has new artwork too. We get a certain California Girl in a clip from one of her videos, but made to look partially decomposed.


It’s printed on a sort of silver card, looks great. There’s a space for hand numbering (it’s out of 250 as the first 50 had a special screen-printed sleeve I think) but it’s been left blank. If you assumed that this would bother me, you are correct.


So all in all this is an awesome record, with tracklisting, content and cover art all exclusive to this release. Only 300 ever made, never to be repressed. Essential I’d say. There’s still a few knocking around in various hardcore web-stores. Hunt them down.


Gehenna – The War Of The Sons Of Light And The Suns Of Darkness. And the split with Blind To Faith.

15 Aug

When is buying records more enjoyable than usual? When you’re not paying for them…
These two were bought by way of a Deathwish voucher, given to me from my brother for my birthday a few weeks ago. Deathwish themselves had nothing that tickled my fancy so I tapped up their brilliant distro for two Gehenna releases on A389 Records.


The infamous Gehenna. Dark & chaotic hardcore, often associated with the Holy Terror thing as their views and lyrics go hand in hand with it. Their War Of The Sons Of Light and The Suns Of Darkness LP is a collection of early cassette, split 7″ and unreleased tracks all from around 94-95. All out of print since forever and kindly reissued by A389 on grey/red haze vinyl. More of a red with grey explosion, but still looks good. Limited to 200. 



I’m into the Medieval satanic end-times artwork. Suits it all perfectly. Gehenna had a reputation for intense and violent live shows, rumours of stabbings and all sorts. A lot of it is probably well constructed mystique, but vocalist Mike Apocalypse (or Mike Cheese or a bunch of other names) certainly gives zero fucks in interviews.


Definatley a party i wouldn’t want to go to. All the demons is one thing, but being force fed frogs? I’m out. No matter how well it may enlighten the path to wherever. This LP is raw and nasty and totally brilliant. And so with the rest of my Deathwish Dollars, i snapped up the Gehenna /  Blind To Faith split.


This came out last year. Now im no scaredy little girl, but the Gehenna tracks are terrifying. Raw production, oddly placed psychedelic lead guitar drenched in reverb. Its pretty amazing.
Great artwork too by Szymon Siech. Blind To Faith on the B-side feature members of Rise & Fall and play a stripped back, pretty dark metal punk hybrid. They’ve got a full length out on Holy Terror Records which i’ve heard and is brilliant. Something else for the shopping list. This split pressed on a grey marble. I have no clue about pressing amounts but i’d imagine its somewhere in the hundreds.


14 Jul

And so it came to pass.
The end of a Rot In Hell era.

This is the latest Rot In Hell 7″, a split with Moloch released on Feast Of Tentacles. This pressing on red limited to only 100 copies. It’s the pressing that was for the record release show (more on that below) a couple of weekends ago, but leftovers were put up on the FOT distro and the RIH store. They sold out pretty quick, but you can still get it on black out out of 400.


Letter pressed covers on a sort of thick brown card with red ink.


The lyrics & credits are printed on individually stained pieces of thick paper, and there’s a brown paper dust jacket.


The RIH track, Cauldron Born, is incredible. You may know, I like Rot In Hell just about more than any other current hardcore band. Its easy to cite their obvious influences, and the band make no secret of them, but their own stamp on that sound is huge one and should not be under-estimated. They bring a level of chaos and exploding fury that leaves me slack jawed. Likewise – acoustic, harmonious yet haunting interludes/intro’s (like the intro on this track) and English heathen-folk strings (see the closing section of Twilight Rouges on APBS) put them head and fucking shoulders above. English heathen-folk might be a genre I just invented, but it’s what springs to mind when I listen to it. But anyway, as I said, this version was for the record release show in Nottingham with Moloch. Which they pulled out of suddenly, only to just as quickly announce that they were back on the bill, but that it would be vocalist Nate’s last ever show.
A real shame. Double gutted that I also couldn’t get to the show. Me and a mate had talked about going and meeting up, but in the end I couldn’t make it. Common sense prevailed on my part – my 8 week old daughter needs nappies changing and bottles preparing more than I need to lose my shit at a hardcore show.
There are some other RIH records in various stages of being released (A Murder Of Crows being one of them) that might feature Nate as they seem to have been started before his departure (does the Integ/RIH split pre-order seem like a distant memory to anyone else?) but this seemed like a relevant record post to write about this.
Rot In Hell will carry on, rumour has it, which is great news in my book and I’ll look forward to hearing it. Tough vocal act to follow though.

This post has rambled on (again) but I need to mention Moloch on the flip side, who hail from Nottingham and feature Chris Braddock who runs Feast Of Tentacles.


Imagine all the worlds misery and despair in musical form, with elements of Iron Monkey dirge and EHG misanthropic sludge and you’re there. It ain’t pretty, but it’s crushing and very, very good

Integrity – Detonate Worlds Plague & The Blackest Curse LP’s

12 Jul

Arriving home from holiday last weekend I was greeted with a stack of junk mail, bills and a small red ticket. It was one of those Royal Mail tickets which informs you that because your letterbox is too small to fit a 12″ record mailer through you now gotta do some legwork.

A short journey and a flash of my I.D earned me the pleasure of being passed a parcel over the counter. As I was handed it, I spied the stamp in the corner.


This meant, along with a curious look from a cheery Royal Mail employee, that some Integrity records I’d ordered had arrived. I am of the opinion that Integrity are without a doubt one of the most important bands hardcore has. When they combined hardcore and metal all those years ago, they did so in such a brutally successful way that eventually inspired countless bands, total worship (Fucked Up’s vocalist Damien has a side project – Millenial Reign – dedicated to sounding as much like Integrity as possible) and just as much hatred. Despite total line-up changes (with the exception of vocals) and intermittent releases of (in some opinion) varying quality over the years, vocalist Dwid Hellion remains a cult figure within heavy music and at the beating heart of the Holy Terror sound/sub-genre/cult/philosophy whatever you want to call it. Anyway, here endeth the lesson……
First up, their latest LP, Detonate Worlds Plague. This was released on Dwid’s own label Holy Terror a few weeks ago. I picked it up from their webstore on red wax which is limited to 100. The colour is more of a red marble, with blue and white streaks in there.


The front cover picture (credited to Dwid) is of some sort of woodland scene, maybe that’s a house through the trees? But tilt it towards the light, and say hello to the Integ skull logo.


Same with the back – the track listing is revealed in glossy print when in the light.


Strange that this record seems to have had such a low key release following their hugely well received ‘come back’ LP The Blackest Curse released last year. The only personnel listed on the album are Dwid and Rob Orr and it’s got a much murkier production than The Blackest Curse. Which is no complaint. The songs are good and there’s a decent mix of Integ’s sounds spread across the running time. We get fast and nasty Integ, we get an apocalyptic noise track, we get an urgent instrumental with wailing lead guitar and spoken sermons in the background and we get sombre, drawn out, slower Integ. And Orr’s riffs and solos are incredible. Seriously. They are jaw-dropping in places.
That turned into more of a biography & review than planned but nevermind.

While I was in the HT webstore waving my money around, I also got a copy of the aforementioned The Blackest Curse LP, something I’ve been neglecting to actually get on vinyl. As mentioned, this was Integ’s first full length in a few years when it came out last year on Deathwish. It seemed to be reviewed extremely well and will tear you to shreds. It’s a grim, dark album with plenty of manic, thrash influenced hardcore and dive bombing solos. I grabbed this on the first pressing on white, out of a run of 700. Process Cross in the centre. What else.


The cover art suits the title of the album, with The Blackest splooge at the bottom. It looks like some sort of procession of dudes wearing black cloaks.


Looks really cool though, works perfectly. And tilt it towards the light?


Yup. You can just about make out the Integ skull and some Hebrew writings. Might have to get Google Translate on that.


The back cover is once again hiding the track listing in glossy embossed print.


True to Deathwish form, it came with a download code for the album, and I will take the time to say here that it wouldn’t hurt for all vinyl releases (especially new releases) to do the same. If I’m at home, I make the enjoyable effort of putting the record on. In my car, stuck in traffic on the M6, I can’t do that.

Part 2 of ROT IN HELL – 7″s.

18 Jun

As promised, the 2nd part of my Rot In Hell vinyl, the 7″s. This will be the last post of stuff already in my collection. New arrivals from here on out!

Some of the 7″s here are not on the most limited runs. I imagine this is like looking at your girlfriend knowing you only went with her cause you wanted to shag her mate. You still love her and all that, but secretly you know she was your second choice. Such is the nature of this vinyl beast, sometimes you just miss out. But they’re out there, and one day some silly sod will sell them to me.

A good place to start – the Sins Of Malice demo. A really impressive package this one. Even better is the fact that a good friend of mine up North sent me this for free. He may be grooming me for sexual favours at a later date, and I don’t mind that.

Front cover


Flip it over to reveal a challenge. HOW DOES THIS OPEN?


Oh, like that. Foldy cardboard action reveals the record. Spray painted dust jacket and printed lyric sheet. Spray painted blank vinyl flip-side and hand numbering on the reverse of the dust jacket. I got number 28 out of 219.


The tracks on here (one of which ended up re-recorded on the APBS lp ) are raw as bollocks and sound incredible.

Next, RIH split with Brain Dead – Millennial Psychosis’. The RIH track on here is my favourite thing they’ve done. Its listed as 2 tracks but it never actually stops, it’s one long awesome beast.


Curious plastic dust jacket. Joint release by Rumour Control & Feast Of Tentacles records. Brain Dead on the other side are a UK Powerviolence band. I like these a lot from what I’ve heard here and on a Rumour Control compilation 7″ I’ve got. Well worth checking out if you like it fast as fuck one minute, then slow and crusty the next. All good.

Next, RIH & The Process split – ‘The Works Of Fate’
Great artwork by Scrawled Design.
Really detailed shit. The devil cradling a baby goat? Just what you need.


The RIH track features guest whispering by Dwid from Integrity.


The Process are a UK metallic hardcore band. From the spoken part at the end of their song it sounds like they’re actually from somewhere in Scotland. Hadn’t heard them before this but I was impressed. Not as fast as RIH but channeling the same spirit. They’ve got a full length out now called Rosenkreutz, but it’s only on CD for the time being, vinyl to follow. I can wait…
This 7″ released by Feast Of Tentacles and limited to 500.

RIH & Wayfarer split. Amazing artwork on this one, again by Scrawled Design.


Thick gatefold deal, pressed on Grey 180g and limited to 200. Astonishing amount of effort put into a 7″. Released by Carry The Weight records.


Wayfarer are another UK hardcore band, who again I hadn’t heard of. After hearing this I got more of their releases, a full length and a 7″ both on CTW records. They’re pounding, crunchy metallic hardcore, in the vein of New Lows or Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon. If that sounds good to you then check them out, you will not be disappointed. They seem to use a lot of Norse mythology for their subject matter, which to a guy like me who knows fuck all about Norse mythology, somehow makes it even cooler.

Finally, RIH & Horders split – ‘The Omega Suite’


If you didn’t look at the sleeve and just stuck this on, you’d have no idea this was RIH. It’s not Nate on vocals, it’s one of the guitarists. Instead of dark raging hardcore, it’s dark acoustic pagan folk. I have NO IDEA what acoustic pagan folk would sound like, but that’s what springs to mind. Haunting acoustic guitar and clean sung mantra-like vocals repeating ‘god is man, man is god’. I can imagine the residents of Summerisle dancing around to this while they burn Edward Woodward. Despite being the polar opposite musically of what they normally sound like, it somehow works perfectly. The art is awesome, all done by Give Up.


Horders are the musical side project of designer Give Up, and provide 2 tracks of dark instrumentals. Clean, slightly out of tune guitar picks out a tune over faint distorted chords. It’s creepy stuff, a good blood sacrifice soundtrack if you’re into that kinda thing. I’m not, but it’s still pretty cool.
Released on Feast Of Tentacles, a run of 400.

That’s about the size of it.

Part 1 of ROT IN HELL – 12″s.

15 Jun
The eventual aim of this blog is to post only about new records that the postal service doth deliver unto me. Im going to avoid posting about all the vinyl I’ve collected up until now for the most part but, like with the ANB stuff, there’s a couple of bands in my collection that I’m going to add here anyway. Mainly because I aim to add to what I’ve already got and I want it all up here. So there. Breaking my own rules. 

Anyway. Onwards. The first part of my ROT IN HELL collection. RIH are one of my favourite hardcore bands currently together and releasing music. I’m talking top 3. They might be number 1. They’re also from the UK, which makes it double brilliant. Style? It’s pure Holy Terror. Balls out Integrity worship. And if that doesn’t sound good, then you done goofed.  First up, my 12″s.

This is the Hallways Of The Always LP, released on A389 Records. A collection of tracks from the demo 7″ and the split 7″s they did up to a point. Any RIH fan will know that they release a split 7″ about once a week so it’s far from complete, but nice to have some early stuff all in one place.

Front cover art. I love this. Badass forest/Process Cross combo.


It’s a gatefold deal. Photo of the band. 


Nothing special there you say? What’s that? You say there should be a Process Cross embossed on each band members face that only shows up when you hold it towards the light? Well look again…


Pressed on black with white splatter, limited to 800.


Next is the bands latest and first full length release, As Pearls Before Swine. Needless to say it’s ferocious and one of the best things I’ll hear all year. Every possible Integ/Holy Terror trait is in there, and pulled off to a pretty awesome degree.  The cover art is a piece by Jacob Bannon, and it’s some fucked up rat skeleton just so you know what time it is.


The gatefold cover folded out, double rat skeleton.


Inside the gatefold, which has the tracklist and a dead animal. I suppose it could be sleeping. It’s not. 


This is on the back of the lyric sheet. I don’t know what that is.


The vinyl itself is brilliant. I’ve never seen such a cool mix of colour used to better effect. It’s listed as Orange/Gold mix on the Deathwish release list.


It matches the artwork perfectly, and the corroded rust effect it gives suits the music which also tears you 3 new arseholes. 
Released by Deathwish, only 300 pressed.

Lastly, the Nui live LP. it’s not an LP i guess, clocking in at just over 20 mins with 5 tracks but it rips anyway. I had no idea this had been released. I spotted it browsing A389’s webstore looking for Weekend Nachos vinyl to buy and ordered it instantly.
Awesome silk-screened cover.


Black vinyl and the insert. The insert gives details of when it was recorded and it reads like it was performed in front of a selected, invited audience. Lots of other stuff too like how ‘the prescence of the Barghest’ was in their midst and how ‘some doors should never be opened’. I just wish I was there. It’s a pretty stark package but works really well.


Best of all is the flip, which is blank vinyl. 


This looks like the shiniest, smoothest, blackest thing know to man. I love seeing a blank vinyl flip-side. Process Cross in the centre. Released on A389. One time only press of 300. Done deal.

Part 2 of this will be all my RIH 7″s, which I’ll get up here soon.

ROT IN HELL, INTEGRITY and some other bands. NO PEACE/WAR Compilation. Band Members pressing.

11 Jun

This was a record store day 2011 release that I totally missed out on. To the point where I’m not even sure I knew it was happening. So I was pretty excited when Rot In Hell announced that they had a few they were selling in their webstore. Not only that but they were selling band member copies.


Pressed on red, hand numbered out of 185 (I got number 75). Apparently the idea and some work for this compilation started years and years ago but it all got put on hold for some reason. Essentially, it’s Western hardcore covering Japanese hardcore.


I like Integrity a lot, but it was Rot In Hell that attracted me to this and my unrealistic goal of owning everything they’ve released (getting there, but they’ve got some rare variants).
The RIH track doesn’t disappoint, and the Integrity one is great too. Cape Of Bats sound pretty cool, should check them out. The other 2 tracks, by Gehenna and Vegas are not of the best quality, but its still a cool package and great to have in my collection.