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Rot In Hell / Hordes split 7″

11 Sep

The fact of the matter is I probably spend more time than a sensible person should do pursuing rare Rot In Hell vinyl. Another fact of the matter is that rare Rot In Hell vinyl seems to be fetching crazy money lately. A test press of the Sins Of Malice demo recently went for £85. Which makes the £24 I spent on this seem small in comparison. Still, £24 for a 7″ that only came out around 3 years ago is a lot I guess. Yes, it makes me a very silly boy but it also makes me happy. This is the split with Hordes, released on the deceased Rat Patrol Records. Only 100 of these pressed on red/black.


Ive been looking out for this or a while and haven’t seen it up for sale for a long time. But now it’s all mine. To put on my shelf.


RIH have 2 songs on here, one of their own and an Integrity cover, both of which I already own anyway (see? Silly…) but if you open the insert up looking for lyrics to their Integrity cover:


you’ll find some good advice instead –


Hordes on the flip side I was really impressed by. I hadn’t heard them before, they do an Entombed cover for their 2nd track so a lazy thing for me to do would be to say they reminded me of Entombed but they did. Solid, sort of sludgy, downtuned riffing. I liked it a lot. Apparently they’ve got an album out but I couldn’t find it anywhere.


This marks the last RIH split that I didn’t own any version of whatsoever. So now I can stop endlessly searching for more. Yeah right.

Age Of Kali demo 2006 7″

1 Sep

Early 2004 to mid 2007 were my wilderness years from any new UK Hardcore. New hardcore from any country to to be honest. Through various circumstances my finger was way off the pulse. I was still listening to what hardcore I already had, but I was balls deep in straight up metal, doom and sludge bands. A bit of desert jam stoner stuff. And Led Zeppelin. I went nuts for the Zep for a while. New releases by a handful of hardcore bands that I already knew of I kept up with but new stuff from this time? Totally in the dark. Such as this, Age Of Kali.


Straight Edge Krishna-core by way of Margate, UK. Like so many UKHC bands, these were blink and you’ll miss it. Featuring members of On Thin Ice & The Break In among others. This is the pre-order package that was put together. As I mentioned at the start of this post, I had no idea this was happening at the time, but Ebay has allowed me to make it look like I did. Put out on Rat Patrol Records, the pre-order had a special cover, a straight edge Ugly Kid Joe rip.


Hand numbered on the back out of 100, I got 67.


Pressed on clear, limited to 100. Curious cat-core labels.


Musically, this doesn’t push any boundaries (the sleeve notes admit to it being “ripped off”) but it was all put together in one night (the were vocals added later) so it’s got a rugged, zero budget production and serves as a decent homage to a particular hardcore sound. And it’s got a REALLY pissed off final track about people breaking edge.


Soon after this demo, vocalist Nate headed North to scream and shout for some band called Rot In Hell.

End Reign 7″

22 Aug

The latest offering from the increasingly prolific and excellent Hemlock 13 , End Reign play heavy metallic hardcore and come from Durham in the North of England. Here in England everything is made from the colour grey, and its always raining. The wall of sound that ER have created on this 7″ is a perfect musical accompaniment. Sounding a bit like Cursed on their ‘Two’ LP mixed with Trap Them on their ‘Filth Rations’ EP. I feel like the older I get, the more miserable and vicious I want my hardcore to get. This does both perfectly. If I was you reading that, i’d want a direct link to the H13 store so I could buy it. Ok then – http://hemlockthirteen.bigcartel.com/product/end-reign-7

This was pressed on two colours, a black/blue mix out of 200 and green out of 300. 



This was actually a split release from H13, Witch Hunter Records, Holy Roar and FITA Records. That’s a lot of record labels for one 7″, but totally understandable for the costs involved in pressing a record. And this release, for a debut solo 7″ from a new, young UKHC act looks incredible. I think its pretty cool how 4 labels have thrown in together to get a new band a quality release like this out. All artwork by the always brilliant Give Up.


A screenprinted cover was made up for people who got in and ordered it early. And seeing as i pre-ordered this about 8 seconds after it went up, i got one.

A load of stickers, patches and a hand written thanks from Nate were in there too.

Worth mentioning here that the next release from Hemlock has just gone up on the site, the Unholy Majesty demo, which from what I’ve listened to is going to be pretty special. Dark, metallic Holy Terror influenced hardcore played by a bunch of veterans from South UK. Only 70 of them made, don’t sleep on that one.


14 Jul

And so it came to pass.
The end of a Rot In Hell era.

This is the latest Rot In Hell 7″, a split with Moloch released on Feast Of Tentacles. This pressing on red limited to only 100 copies. It’s the pressing that was for the record release show (more on that below) a couple of weekends ago, but leftovers were put up on the FOT distro and the RIH store. They sold out pretty quick, but you can still get it on black out out of 400.


Letter pressed covers on a sort of thick brown card with red ink.


The lyrics & credits are printed on individually stained pieces of thick paper, and there’s a brown paper dust jacket.


The RIH track, Cauldron Born, is incredible. You may know, I like Rot In Hell just about more than any other current hardcore band. Its easy to cite their obvious influences, and the band make no secret of them, but their own stamp on that sound is huge one and should not be under-estimated. They bring a level of chaos and exploding fury that leaves me slack jawed. Likewise – acoustic, harmonious yet haunting interludes/intro’s (like the intro on this track) and English heathen-folk strings (see the closing section of Twilight Rouges on APBS) put them head and fucking shoulders above. English heathen-folk might be a genre I just invented, but it’s what springs to mind when I listen to it. But anyway, as I said, this version was for the record release show in Nottingham with Moloch. Which they pulled out of suddenly, only to just as quickly announce that they were back on the bill, but that it would be vocalist Nate’s last ever show.
A real shame. Double gutted that I also couldn’t get to the show. Me and a mate had talked about going and meeting up, but in the end I couldn’t make it. Common sense prevailed on my part – my 8 week old daughter needs nappies changing and bottles preparing more than I need to lose my shit at a hardcore show.
There are some other RIH records in various stages of being released (A Murder Of Crows being one of them) that might feature Nate as they seem to have been started before his departure (does the Integ/RIH split pre-order seem like a distant memory to anyone else?) but this seemed like a relevant record post to write about this.
Rot In Hell will carry on, rumour has it, which is great news in my book and I’ll look forward to hearing it. Tough vocal act to follow though.

This post has rambled on (again) but I need to mention Moloch on the flip side, who hail from Nottingham and feature Chris Braddock who runs Feast Of Tentacles.


Imagine all the worlds misery and despair in musical form, with elements of Iron Monkey dirge and EHG misanthropic sludge and you’re there. It ain’t pretty, but it’s crushing and very, very good

Adding tapes to my vinyl blog with FINAL RAGE – TOMBSTONE

29 Jun

From time to time I’ll be posting up tapes that I’m into aswell. There’s some cool releases and demos out there. Some on limited runs with a fair bit of effort put into them and too good to ignore. The first – Final Rage’s ‘Tombstone’.


Released on Hemlock 13, (the label ran by recently-divorced-from Rot In Hell vocalist Nate) the line up of Final Rage on the H13 website reads like a South UKHC supergroup. Dudes from Wayfarer, On Thin Ice etc. You know it’s gonna be good.

The tape itself looks cool as balls, white casing limited to 150, and a red H13 sticker. Artwork is great too, no nonsense stuff.


Hand numbered, I got number 55.


Final Rage play it loud and fast as fuck. They reminded me of Trash Talk but without the blast beats. Which is no bad thing. Straight up no messing about hardcore, the songs are crisp and smash you in the head. The first track kicks off with a massive shout of ‘BUST!’ so I was sold instantly. Also inside the H13 stamped jiffy bag, stickers and a hand written thanks.


I’ve got it on good authority that there’s some great stuff coming up on H13. End Reign are releasing a 7″ next, I’ve heard a couple of tracks off it and if you like having your soul sucked out, you’re in for a treat. Get into it.

Wayfarer – Letumus Cathari 7″

25 Jun

You might remember an early post where I moaned about this happening


A 0.67p loss in full effect.

Retail therapy was required and I did something I’ve been forgetting to do for far too long and went to Carry The Weight Records and bought Wayfarer’s latest 7″ – ‘Letumus Cathari’.


300 of this pressed in total : 100 for CTW Records with this cover and a further 200 were available from 2 different labels Green Menace and Worship. 100 each with 2 different covers. Not usually too fussed with picture discs but this thing looks stunning.


I’ve mentioned Wayfarer on here before when they did a split with RIH, and if you have the slightest interest in hardcore, especially UK hardcore you need to get into it. Simple as that. 

Epic songs, heavy as fuck. Really crisp and punchy sound. They use some pacing changes on these songs that make you need to floorpunch somebody’s grandma. Seriously, do yourself a favour.
Go here – http://ctwrecords.bigcartel.com/product/wayfarer-letumus-cathari-picture-disc-7

and buy one. I bet there ain’t many left, and there ain’t many other ways to spend £4.50 and get two 6 minute hardcore songs about the Albigensian Crusade is there? No, there isn’t.

Part 2 of ROT IN HELL – 7″s.

18 Jun

As promised, the 2nd part of my Rot In Hell vinyl, the 7″s. This will be the last post of stuff already in my collection. New arrivals from here on out!

Some of the 7″s here are not on the most limited runs. I imagine this is like looking at your girlfriend knowing you only went with her cause you wanted to shag her mate. You still love her and all that, but secretly you know she was your second choice. Such is the nature of this vinyl beast, sometimes you just miss out. But they’re out there, and one day some silly sod will sell them to me.

A good place to start – the Sins Of Malice demo. A really impressive package this one. Even better is the fact that a good friend of mine up North sent me this for free. He may be grooming me for sexual favours at a later date, and I don’t mind that.

Front cover


Flip it over to reveal a challenge. HOW DOES THIS OPEN?


Oh, like that. Foldy cardboard action reveals the record. Spray painted dust jacket and printed lyric sheet. Spray painted blank vinyl flip-side and hand numbering on the reverse of the dust jacket. I got number 28 out of 219.


The tracks on here (one of which ended up re-recorded on the APBS lp ) are raw as bollocks and sound incredible.

Next, RIH split with Brain Dead – Millennial Psychosis’. The RIH track on here is my favourite thing they’ve done. Its listed as 2 tracks but it never actually stops, it’s one long awesome beast.


Curious plastic dust jacket. Joint release by Rumour Control & Feast Of Tentacles records. Brain Dead on the other side are a UK Powerviolence band. I like these a lot from what I’ve heard here and on a Rumour Control compilation 7″ I’ve got. Well worth checking out if you like it fast as fuck one minute, then slow and crusty the next. All good.

Next, RIH & The Process split – ‘The Works Of Fate’
Great artwork by Scrawled Design.
Really detailed shit. The devil cradling a baby goat? Just what you need.


The RIH track features guest whispering by Dwid from Integrity.


The Process are a UK metallic hardcore band. From the spoken part at the end of their song it sounds like they’re actually from somewhere in Scotland. Hadn’t heard them before this but I was impressed. Not as fast as RIH but channeling the same spirit. They’ve got a full length out now called Rosenkreutz, but it’s only on CD for the time being, vinyl to follow. I can wait…
This 7″ released by Feast Of Tentacles and limited to 500.

RIH & Wayfarer split. Amazing artwork on this one, again by Scrawled Design.


Thick gatefold deal, pressed on Grey 180g and limited to 200. Astonishing amount of effort put into a 7″. Released by Carry The Weight records.


Wayfarer are another UK hardcore band, who again I hadn’t heard of. After hearing this I got more of their releases, a full length and a 7″ both on CTW records. They’re pounding, crunchy metallic hardcore, in the vein of New Lows or Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon. If that sounds good to you then check them out, you will not be disappointed. They seem to use a lot of Norse mythology for their subject matter, which to a guy like me who knows fuck all about Norse mythology, somehow makes it even cooler.

Finally, RIH & Horders split – ‘The Omega Suite’


If you didn’t look at the sleeve and just stuck this on, you’d have no idea this was RIH. It’s not Nate on vocals, it’s one of the guitarists. Instead of dark raging hardcore, it’s dark acoustic pagan folk. I have NO IDEA what acoustic pagan folk would sound like, but that’s what springs to mind. Haunting acoustic guitar and clean sung mantra-like vocals repeating ‘god is man, man is god’. I can imagine the residents of Summerisle dancing around to this while they burn Edward Woodward. Despite being the polar opposite musically of what they normally sound like, it somehow works perfectly. The art is awesome, all done by Give Up.


Horders are the musical side project of designer Give Up, and provide 2 tracks of dark instrumentals. Clean, slightly out of tune guitar picks out a tune over faint distorted chords. It’s creepy stuff, a good blood sacrifice soundtrack if you’re into that kinda thing. I’m not, but it’s still pretty cool.
Released on Feast Of Tentacles, a run of 400.

That’s about the size of it.